Technical Tour

Technical Tour

The Indonesia-China High-Speed Railway (Kereta Cepat Indonesia China – KCIC)

The Indonesia-China High-Speed Railway (Kereta Cepat Indonesia China – KCIC) is a joint venture established to develop high-speed railway that stretches for 150 kilometers between Jakarta and Bandung in West Java. Among the new areas to be developed and integrated by KCIC is Walini, a valley terrain known for its tea plantation and product. With a total area of 1,270 hectares, Walini will host one of the main KCIC stations and the site of a new and modern settlement area that is developed with sustainable and eco-friendly construction principles. The key features of the new city include the following:

  • Green Zone: A lush and sustainable area for work and play equipped with green technology to serve Walini residents
  • Compact cluster: All of the houses and commercial buildings are built in clusters that are connected to the train station through conventional roads as well as bike and pad lane.
  • Low building coverage ratio: Only 45 percent of the green belt area is allocated for building. This means greener surrounding and more space for pedestrians and bikers.
  • International standard infrastructure: Highly standardized construction system makes Walini a resilient and livable area where natural resources are used responsibly to create a real green living.

Walini will be divided into three zones that provide the facilities that bring the true meaning of modern life, including fast train stations, mid-rise office & residential clusters, golf course and clubhouse, university and hospital. The construction of the railway and the stations is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, followed by the launch of the first high-speed train service in Indonesia in early 2019.

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